This site includes some of my monotypes and collages..  Hover over the images to see details and arrows. and click on the arrows to see my work.  Click on any image to see a larger version of it.  Be sure to note the actual size.  Images are displayed to fit the space and do not reflect actual size. Dimensions indicated are hxw without mats.    Shipping is included in all prices.  Prices for sizes up to 10"x8" also include matting to a standard size.  Prices for larger pieces do not include matting but do include shipping. 
Proceeds from sales on this site will go to support Wolfram Syndrome research.  For information about this disease and the search for a treatment, go to  
Please note that all transactions with me are purchases, not donations, therefore are not tax deducible.

After years of painting in watercolor, I began to explore collage and monotype.  I love the playfulness of both and the excitement of taking risks with the materials and elements.

For my monotypes, I use water, oil, and soy based inks as well as Golden Open Acrylic paint.  My elements are created from organic materials, high tech metal parts, and miscellaneous found items.

My collages are created from any these:  pieces of my monotypes, scraps of paper, paint, ink jet copies of my photos and my paintings, fabric, and anything interesting I might find that can be glued down.